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Meet Your Host


John “Allen” Knoblock has been a broadcast professional for over 2 decades.  Serving as an on-air talent, production director, occasional character co-host during the local morning show, automation designer, engineering assistant and currently as a chief engineer.  “I loved radio even as a kid” John recalls, “I’ve worked in audio since my early teens”.


Mr. Allen (John uses his air name ‘John Allen’ because it “…rolls off the tongue faster and is easier to remember” than his real name) was raised in a small suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.  Now he is 64 and married over 40 years to his lovely wife Kathy.

 “I learned that I have Asperger’s just a few years ago, and that I’ve had it all my life and didn’t know it.  The change in my life has been incredible – and I want to help anyone I can come to an understanding of how Aspies can live, love and work in the middle of all that we go through every day.”

Catch the Aspieland podcasts via this website or directly at (do not use the 'www') He can be reached via email at

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